Asia Pacific College, 2015

Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts


Grants & Awards 

Awarded - Academic Distinction (Honorable Mention)

Asia Pacific College, May 2015



Into The Foods, April 2015

Hi ! I'm Meliza Joy Vida :)

      Being exposed to various media, I was already bridged to cater the high demand of media output from corporate and creative sectors. I can perform under great pressure and still come up with new and fresh concepts. Executing my ideas with complex designs and approach in the most creative way reflects my expertise as a graphic designer and an artist. Still I believe that learning never ends. After saying all these, I am always motivated and determined in doing my tasks. I am friendly which enables me to socialize and enjoy being with a group. Nevertheless, I also can work hard alone and give same results.


      My passion is my art and my playroom is my workstation. With that in mind, I would like to work for a company with a cozy yet professional atmosphere. Let us help each other reach unimaginable heights. Expect a lot of creativity with me!


In case you need anything.

I'm glad to help and serve you !


You can download my CV here:

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